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Do Not Disturb Brown Sun Hat


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Have you ever wanted one of those signs that say “Do Not Disturb,” so you could wear it around in select scenarios? Like girl’s night at the club, when you really don’t feel like being hit on for the thirtieth time; or reading at the coffee shop (seriously, just let me read!); or kicking back on the beach, listening to the waves, letting your worries drift away? Well, the sign itself might cause some unfortunate tan lines, but you can always slip on a sun hat, hide behind your shades, and pretend to be a foreigner whenever those hapless gentlemen inevitably cave to their uncontrollable drive to chat you up. A word of advice though? If you take the “no speaka Americans” option, don’t choose Pig-Latin as your native tongue; it tends to hurt the poor guys feelings when they know they’re being fed a line. Just remember how irresistible you are, and let them down gently.

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