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Graduated Glam Coral Earrings


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Fashion is like school. You start in elementary, wearing frilly skirts with multi-colored nail polish and glittery eye shadow fit for a Halloween costume. As you reach adolescence, you experiment with band t-shirts from groups you’ve never even listened to (which some of us, admittedly, never fully grow out of), studded leather belts and fluorescent neon sneakers with mismatched laces. As we come into our own, we begin our high school experience with a trendy chain store once known for its bait and tackle, or maybe that surf shop, and evolve into our senior year attire of local boutique fare. But, assuming you’ve been a good student and didn’t end up in some remedial school of fashion fit for Jersey Shore (we like to think of it as “gaudy chic), the time comes for every girl to grow into a woman. And with our graduation comes the kind of fashion only RDB can bring. Only, instead of a tassel dangling from a hat no sane girl would wear under normal circumstances, we present you with these far-more-fashionable coral earrings. Congraduations! We’re so proud of you. Earrings measure 3".
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