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Have This Glance Grey Necklace

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Can you imagine if the old world rules of courtly etiquette had only magnified with time rather than going the way of the leisure suit? For example, you know how gentleman callers weren’t even allowed to be alone with an eligible young lady without a dutiful escort present? Well what if time had only intensified those standards? On the one hand, we’d sure be a stuffier lot. On the other, it might be refreshing to have the boy have to ask permission for so much as an appreciative look in your direction. A potential suitor would have all sorts of additional hoops to jump through just to have a moment of your (chaperoned) time. I can see it now, a shy young man shuffling your direction, eyes respectfully averted. Then a deferential bow, and a profession of interest, “Excuse me Miss, may I have this glance?”

• Lobster clasp closure

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